Curriculum & Events

About the Academy

The mission of the 2021 Buffet Crampon USA Virtual Summer Clarinet Academy is to offer an outstanding summer educational clarinet seminar to talented student clarinetists 18-26 years of age. To keep the online Academy as productive and meaningful as possible, the student/teacher ratio will be 2:1. The low student teacher ratio will offer a unique opportunity for students to work closely with the internationally acclaimed Artist Faculty in a unique and intimate setting online.


When: June 14-18, 2021

Application Deadline: Applications must be postmarked on or before May 1, 2021


Tuition and Scholarships:

Academy tuition is $700, which covers an online lesson with four Artist Faculty members, master classes with the four, two masterclasses with Anthony McGill, and video sessions inside Buffet Crampon USA.  The Buffet Crampon USA Summer Clarinet Academy does not offer scholarships but does present the Stanley Drucker Award at the conclusion of the Academy.  The recipient, selected by the Artist Faculty, will be presented a Buffet Crampon GALA B-flat clarinet, hand-selected by the Artist Faculty members.


The curriculum includes:

Daily Private Lessons and Masterclasses

Special emphasis is placed on instruction and review of fundamentals, solo repertoire, orchestral excerpts, chamber music, performance and audition technique, reed making and adjusting, E-flat and bass clarinet performance, as well as instrument maintenance.


Two levels of participation in The Academy are available:

Academy Student Level: Students receive daily private lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and participate in all daily masterclasses (two on Wednesday). 

Academy Auditor Level:  Auditors are invited to attend masterclasses. Auditors do not receive or audit private lessons.


Curriculum & Events:


Daily private instruction:  Each student receives one lesson from four members of the artist faculty.

Daily master classes:  Afternoons are devoted to in-depth masterclasses taught by artist faculty members.  Wednesday features two master classes with Anthony McGill.

Visit to the Buffet Crampon USA headquarters: Students will have a virtual visit/tour of Buffet Crampon USA, the North American headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida.  During the visit, topics reviewed will include a review of the different clarinet bore/model families, play-testing and selecting a clarinet, the manufacturing process, and scheduling an in-person visit to Buffet Crampon USA to select instruments.